• 3D-Plus - France

    Compacted-stacked(TSOP)-radiation hardened electronics, electronics for space, hi-g/hi-spin electronics, memories, processors, COTS and custom made System-In-Package electronic solutions.

  • Aero Vodochody - Czech Republic

    Military and civil aircrafts and their subsystems.

  • Beijing Auxin Chemical Technology - China

    Explosives,pyrochemicals, propellants, chemicals, military chemicals,cellulose, pyrotechnics, fuzes, detonators, detonating cord,demolition blocks, warheads, bombs, ammunition, spare parts, rockets and missile components.

  • Biral - UK

    Biological detectors, meteorological sensors,particle analysis instruments.

  • Ceska Zbrojovka Firearms - Czech Republic

    Small arms,pistols,rifles, shotguns, sporting weapons.

  • China Great Wall Industry Corporation - China

    Space launching, satellites design, manufacturing and orbiting.

  • CIC International Ltd. - U.S.A.

    Military vehicles and platforms, their systems, subsystems, components and ammunition.

  • E5DAO PTE Ltd. - Singapur

    Peripheral Surveillance and Defense System Integrated by Surveillance Radar, Through Wall Radar , Antidrone Radar , Optical Vibration Sensor and Jammer

  • CoorsTek - U.S.A.

    Ceramics for armor.

  • Excelerate Inc. - U.S.A.

    Rocket, missile, warhead, seeker design development; simulations, training systems, unmanned systems, aviation, turbojet engines.

  • Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration SA - Switzerland

    Space borne cameras and optical systems.

  • Nova Battery Systems - U.S.A.

    Military Batteries , Chargers , Power Supply.

  • Nova Integration Solutions - U.S.A.

    Military Enclosures , Chassis , Printer , Monitor , Embedded Sytems.

  • Radisys Corporation - U.S.A.

    Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) , Network Centric Operations/Capability , LTE , VoLTE , IMS, IPTV , VoIP, WCDMA, M2M, WiMAX, WLAN , CDMA2000... and Related SW.

  •   Rotuba Extruders Inc. - U.S.A.

    Components for rockets, scented polymers, green polymers.

  • Secure Communication Systems Inc. - U.S.A.

    Military Tablet , Rugged Computer , Tactical Display , Server , Router

  • Sekai-Electronics Inc. - U.S.A.

    Military grade cameras and video equipments for Land, Air and Marine Platforms.

  • SMAC - France

    Shock and vibration reduction, sealing products, noise/acoustic reduction, pyroshock attenuation.
    Shock & Vibration Control solutions for Space Application

  • Technology Dynamics Inc. - Nova Electric - U.S.A.

    Military grade UPS, power supplies, frequency converters, inverters for military and aviation platforms and command centers, rugged computers, monitors and printers. Power supplies for steel plants.

  • TRAD - France

    Radiation Measurement , Simulation and Calculation , Dose Simulator , Increasing the Lifetime of Electronics Subject to Radiation , Radiation Shielding , Medical and Space Dosimeter , Training and Software.