TITCO is a Turkish company and has been set up in 1986 at Ankara to act as the representative of high-tech foreign manufacturers mainly in defense-aviation-space,iron-steel and energy sectors. It has emerged from similar companies in the market and has acquired the expertise of  a longer period than it’s lifetime.


TITCO has been serving and procuring successfully to all of the Turkish military and some civil organizations without having any contract failures, disputes, penalties and any other adverse conditions.

Currently, TITCO is the authorised agent, representative or consultant of the companies listed under our Brands link, and also acting as a consultant to the foreign investors.


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TITCO is also cooperating with other worldwide  military,aerospace and energy equipment manufacturers in the specific Turkish projects.


TITCO has the expertise in designing, constructing and comissioning of hydroelectric and solar energy plants’ electromechanical systems, electronic centers and clean-rooms including electronic processing devices, air-conditioning systems,uninterruptible power supply systems,energy packs, raised floor, access control, fire alarm and suppression systems, and integration of these systems.